Morena Sway

Morena Sway
Morena Sway

In the heart of Lesotho’s vibrant music scene, a rising luminary is taking the spotlight. Bataung Michael Mpota, fondly known as Morena Sway, embodies the essence of a musical genius, bringing a fresh and dynamic sound that transcends borders.
Immersed in a household with a rich religious backdrop, Morena Sway’s musical journey found roots in his mother’s melodic presence within the church choir. Today, he stands on the brink of stardom, poised to redefine the music industry.
His genre-defying approach blends old-school vernacular love music with Afrobeat influences, creating a unique sonic experience deeply rooted in Lesotho’s rich cultural tapestry. Morena Sway’s music is more than a composition; it’s a profound narrative of love, loss, and the healing power of melodies.
The pivotal moment that ignited this musical journey was the loss of his mother, a period of profound reflection and discovery. ‘LERATO,’ named after his late mother, became the vessel through which he channelled his emotions, fusing the sounds that once resonated through their home. He is currently promoting his single ‘Atamela’.

Morena Sway’s chart-topping collaborations, such as “I Swear” with DJ Finzo, soared to number one on South Africa’s Metro FM. His single “Sematsatsa” dominated Lesedi FM charts and claimed its spot on the Metro FM top 40 countdown. The EP “Live, Love Africa” showcased the anthemic “Dimeta,” solidifying his position as a musical force.
Venturing beyond borders, Morena Sway has graced renowned events like the Cherry Jazz Festival, Jazz on the Lawn, Macufe, Fanfest Festival, Lesotho Tourism Festival, and the Malatsunyane Jazz Festival. Collaborating with A-list South African and Lesotho artists, “LERATO” marks a breakthrough album released on 14 February, propelling him from the shadows into the limelight.

For the year ahead, Morena Sway promises audiences an enchanting journey through authentic African love music, a fusion that transcends the ordinary and elevates the soul. As he unveils “LERATO,” listeners can anticipate an experience that goes beyond sound; it’s a celebration of life, love, and the magic that music weaves.
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